Thursday, July 25, 2013

all Directions

Today is a day when I want to get lots of things done. Which is good because I have lots of projects on the go.
Every so often I get that feeling that I need to cut down the number of things I'm working on. That means that I have to finish some things off. Well a lot of these projects are work-related ha ha.  Having the shop lets me rationalize making all sorts of things, just to see what they will  look like. That way I can display them at the store and other people who have been wondering the same thing, will know what they look like and then be able to decide if they want to make them or not.
So today, this is some progress I have made…
Okay well not technically this morning but last night I got the findings also non-to this beautiful starburst quilt. I talked about it sometime ago, and it's made almost all from art gallery fabrics. I just love it. It's been washed and dried in the dryer so it's all wrinkled and thick.
I sewed on the binding by machine to my little stars table runner  sewn from primitive gatherings fabrics. Now I just have to hand stitch the binding to the back.

I finished the 42 blocks for my propellor quilt!
And ever since this little booklet on monograms Arrived last week I've been itching to monogram something.  I decided that my love of decorated tea towels would be a good collection to add to, And so I'm going to monogram this striped tea towel with dark olive coloured thread. 

Finally, for those of you who like Crosstitch I thought I would let you know that I am still progressing on my counted cross stitch alphabets sampler and have only eight letters left to do
That's the Thursday morning Roundup of things I'm working on today. Do you think I might have attention deficit disorder?


  1. You sound normal to me! I might even be a bit envious of your ability to finish things too. :)

  2. Yes, your ability to really churn out quilts and other stuff is totally amazing to me. I am inspired to more myself. And thanks for posting about all those lovely things.

  3. Whatever it is you have, Michelle, I wish I had even half of it! I marvel at all you accomplish, and such variety, too! I am SO SMITTEN with your starburst quilt. The colours and everything. Just love it. It's on my list. I have the magazine with the pattern in it. Let's see how long it takes me to get to it. I'd say late 2014 if I'm really lucky.

  4. Well you are all so kind! I don't think I get as much done as you all think I do. You should see our house, definitely could use more attention, and I am a very easy recipe sort of person....


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