Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New scissors!

Not just any old scissors-----shears, from Italy,  

They swish when you cut


  1. I probably don't even know what I'm missing!

  2. I love ginghers! They have a nice weight to them. And you can have them sharpened if they get dull years down the road (many scissor can't be sharpened) And they really do swish!

  3. I love a good pair of scissors. I must to admit to extravagantly owning more than one pair. You know, for different things. Though the ones I use most are the old pair I bought back in tailoring school, about 30 years ago. . .

  4. I like them a lot, and I was so pleased when I was able to use them this morning to cut with

  5. These are the kind of scissors that you put a padlock on so nobody ( not mentioning any names here) uses them for cutting paper, cardboard etc!! LOL

  6. my mom had a gazillion pairs of scissors - each had a designated use. and we all grew up knowing that we ONLY touched the 'paper scissors'. it was a rite of passage for me when i was first allowed to use her 'best' scissors...
    later on she bought me my own pair of henkels shears...
    i knew i was really a grown-up then!


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