Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jelly roll batiks

I like to use jelly rolls- the precut 2 1/2 inch strips, Sometimes.
However, I've never tried a pattern from one of the strip therapy books. Considering that they are now on book 10, I thought it would be a good idea to try one,
I decided on this one From book 6. It uses a propeller block.

The jellyroll has lots of greens blues and purples, much like my garden at the moment.

Also like my slippers.

I realize that I have forgotten about my works in progress list. I think I'll have to update it in the next few days.
It was a pretty good day for sewing today, with all the rain.
Hope you had a good day too.


  1. It was a wonderful quilting day! I managed to get 3/4s of a quilt quilted today and cleaned up my sewing room so that industry can begin again in earnest! I love your blocks and I love that of all the Strip Therapy books the one I have is #6! Yay!

  2. i really hate cutting pieces out - probably because i'm not very good at it and feel like i should be! precuts of any type appeal to me - but my inner puritan makes me keep on cutting out pieces (mostly badly)....i was soooo excited when i discovered that there were machines to cut out quilt bits - until i found out how much they cost!
    oh well - practice makes perfect!


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