Monday, July 22, 2013

One mini charm pack table runner

I finished the table runner that I mentioned a couple days ago. I wish I could come up with a better name for it, maybe something like floating squares. Anyway, it's composed from one many charm pack and a background fabric.

And the big news is that not only did I finish the table runner, but I have written up the Pattern for it. :)
That's the pattern right there,
This afternoon I'll be taking it to Staples and getting lots of copies made. You can get one for the low price of one dollar.

Oh yes, another thing is if you get three mini charm packs you can make three sections and sew them together for a really cute little baby quilt that would measure about 42" x 50". Yay.
It was so sunny this morning when I got up, and I saw this vase of delphiniums that I cut yesterday from the garden and they look so pretty in the light.


  1. Sweet runner!

    nancy b

  2. your timing - as always - is perfect! we have just acquired a new (very old) dining room table that just cries out for a table runner! i had been trying to come up with a pattern ... and now you've saved me the trouble, because that one is really beautiful! thank you!


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