Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cross stitch styles

There are quite a few different styles of Crosstitch that people have done over the years. Yesterday I I completed the stitching on this alphabet sampler which I got as a kit a few years ago in France.  The company's name is "Picoti, Picota" in case you want to Google it for some of other projects.
I been liking alphabet samplers for a while already and the mono chromatic style appealed to me.
I think I might add a little simple band at the top and the bottom to make it more vertically  rectangular but I will just leave it as is for today.
The photos below show another type of Crosstitch. I purchased these at a  flea-market a few years ago for three dollars each.

They are unframed and stitched on Aida cloth.  the bird pictures are rather charming in my opinion.  I don't really know what to do them but I just thought they ought to be appreciated, and so i brought them home with me.  

All of these samplers are about 10 or 11 inches wide and 12 to 14 inches tall.


  1. So pretty! Your alphabet sampler turned out wonderfully. And I love the bird stitcheries...I'm sure whoever made them would be happy to know that they are with a person who can appreciate all that went into them.

    1. Well I hope so, Thank you for the compliment about the sampler. I think when I brought the stitchery pieces home, I sort of intended to piece them into some sort of fabric collage-type project.... But who knows... That's a maybe, someday sort of thing.


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