Monday, February 22, 2010

Quilt Guild Meeting

Tonight I will attend the Quilt Guild meeting for the first time in several years.
I was a faithful attendee for many years until my husband had to teach a night class on Mondays one year and I had younger children I couldn't leave home alone.  Then, living out of town and getting busy with other things, I just got out of the habit.  However, a large number of my friends were met through the guild.  But tonight! I am nervous because they asked me to come and be their "featured quilter" for this meeting.  I have spent all morning biting my nails and trying to organize my thoughts.  It is quite difficult to decide what to say and what to take for show and tell.
I thought I'd sew for a little to calm my nerves, but unfortunately I have a problem with my machine that requires me to take it in to be fixed.  I was machine quilting yesterday at full tilt, and hit a safety pin --- Ouch!! It seemed to do something very bad to the tension.  I pulled out my backup machine, but no go with it either.  So, both are sitting quietly by the front door. (along with the stuff I pulled together for tonight)

One of the things I'm taking is this project I started yesterday before the big hit.  It is some odds and ends from other projects, and some cut-out pieces from a little beat-up set of embroidered doilies.  I'm planning to turn the pieces into a long table runner.  It is good sometimes to just sew together stuff that can't possibly be turned into a pattern.

 And... remember about the little round-top case? Well I tinkered around a bit and sewed a couple from felted wool sweaters, and they are just crying out for embellishment now!  I took lots of photos during the process, so I hope to turn that into a "How-to" posting. 

 Also, as I was exploring some ways to customize the blog, I added some links to other blogs, including Judy's around the world travel adventure!
Wish me luck for tonight!  thanks! michelle


  1. Good luck! You have lots of nice things to show. Love that table runner idea.

  2. thanks sue and patti!
    it went pretty good, it helped that Deb was there, actually i enjoyed seeing many old friends, there was lots of time for socializing

  3. Michelle,
    I enjoyed your talk - interesting to see how many different directions you have gone. You are such a creative person and have great vision.
    I would love to chat further about EQ6 as well as reproduction quilt fabrics and quilt restoration.


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