Friday, February 26, 2010

New Yarn

 Yesterday I stopped in at our Local Yarn Store, since it was on the way to where my sewing machines were waiting to be picked up and taken home.  There were some lovely things, of course, and some of them came home with me!

 Well, not all of these are new, but the 4 on the right are.  Last night I wound the wool I had in these hanks into balls using my new ball winder.  What a great invention.

 I already had this wooden thing, which I don't know what it's called, but that holds the wool and spins while you wind it into a ball.  I had just been winding them by hand, but just recently I got this ball winder, which you just turn the handle and it spins around on an angle and makes really nice cylinders of wool.

  This shows one of the hanks, and the other one wound into the ball.

 And this shows what a hand wound ball looks like compared to the ball winder ball:

 They stack really nicely and don't roll around.  I would be tempted to re-wind all my hand wound balls if I didn't know that was sort of crazy. 

 So, after I wound up all these balls, I started to knit a scarf with the really soft and pretty light blue alpaca.  It is so soft!  I think the scarf won't take too long to knit since it uses 6mm needles and it's only 20 stitches wide.  I've wanted to make something with cables for a while now. 
 And now it's Friday already! Have a great weekend, michelle


  1. Love the blue scarf with the cable. So pretty!

  2. it's now about 30 inches long, not sure when i'm going to stop.


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