Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Braided Rugs

I love braided rugs, of course.  For a few years we offered a class on how to do this at the store, and if you were lucky enough to have taken this you know how good a teacher Dianne is.  I took this class and was hooked!  To date, I've made over a dozen of them, in various sizes, but all round or oval.  I love the way they feel under my feet.  I've made them from 100% wool and from mysterious fabrics with mixed fiber content, but my favorites are the wool.  The one pictured here is under construction and it will be a monster size.  It's about 6' x 9' now, and I intend to take it up to the cabin, but for now it's in my sewing room, where it attracts a lot of threads.  However, it is so nice to walk on that I think it will be here all winter.
I am currently writing a How to make a Braided Rug Tutorial, so that will be coming up later!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm really glad I discovered yours. Your projects are inspiring!

  2. Wow! That rug is going to be a whopper! And it'll never wear out, huh? I made one braided rug - it's about 5x7 - and believe it or not I made it out of polyester doubleknit - looks good! Now I'm a rug hooker and I wish I'd made it out of wool since it's my passion now. Found your blog after the Galloping Pony mentioned it.

  3. Hi Gayle, that one you made won't wear out either! I never thought of using poly, my grandma used to make them out of these old stockings she wore, that was back in the 60's, m

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