Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Favorite Patterns

 I was at the shop today, ordering stuff -- lots of thread and more flannel, and red and brown, which are flying out the door these days.  This shows the quilt I talked about a few days ago alongside the other quilt I made from the same book, except here it is in red and white, in the book it is in greens.

Speaking of red and white quilts, we hung a few in the classroom a few days ago in honor of St. Valentine's Day.  I love them.  Especially the redwork ones.  The stitching on them was done by the mother of a friend.

 I was thinking of some favorite quilt patterns.  You probably have them too.  Some of my favorites are log cabin, yellow brick road, and disappearing nine-patch.  Another one that I've made several of is the "bulls-eye" design.  Unfortunately, I seem to have given most of them away although  I do have this large pastel one. It might just be time to do another one.  I was thinking that I seem to have a lot of flannel scraps that it would be nice to make use of.  Hmm. I think this is a definite possibility. 

In the meantime, I'm rewriting the first pattern I ever made for Periwinkle.  It's called X and O's, and it was originally made with white and 1930's color solid fabrics.  I'm sewing a different size, and it's made of the scraps of 1800's stuff I've been using lately.  (Actually, I seem to have been doing a lot with reproduction fabrics lately, but am nearing the end of that particular phase.) I think it might turn out to be another "favorite"!


  1. Michelle,
    Love the red and white quilts on display at the store. Especially that little table runner with the Dresden Plate design.
    This bottom pattern is very intriguing - looks "old". when you own an old house as my husband and I do I'm into things that look right for the period. Just finishing up a double 9 patch for one of the spare rooms.
    Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  2. i agreee with you about having an old house tempting you to have old-fashioned looking quilts. our house is from 1907, btw, how do I find your blog, Patti said it's really interesting, michelle


    Not sure if you will ever look back at this to know or if I should put it in a newer entry.


  4. hi bernie, i found it,and have been perusing it for some time tonight,


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