Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturdays are busy

Yesterday, I spent quite a few hours in town at the store.  First, I helped  unpack some new orders, and then we had a staff sewing get together--all the 8 staff that work in the front of the shop, plus me were there.    
During our sewing party, we talked a bit about working the shop on Saturdays.  It is a busy day.  Weekdays have their own rhythm, with deliveries, phone calls, a lot of regulars stopping in, and some flurries of activity during the day, often around lunch hour.  Saturdays are often strikingly different.  Often they can be hectic, even with 3 or 4 staff working to help people.  The twice-monthly Saturday block pick-up days can be very busy, but often the same people come at the same time, so there can be quite a bit of socializing.  Sometimes a group of 4 or 5 will come in together, either coming from breakfast, or before going for coffee.   No deliveries, but lots of quilts being planned out.  Sometimes it is busy all day, sometimes a real rush at 4 or 4:30.  By 5:30 you can be very tired out! 

 Do you see that box of envelopes on the table? It was so much fun to open the box and find it.  It is a selection of Hot Iron Transfers for embroidery.  There are 20 dozen, which is 240 of them, and almost all are different!  We all had to pick out some favorites to take home.  (At less than $2 each it was easy)

After 5 years of working nearly every Saturday, I decided to spend Saturdays at home.  But Saturdays at home can be busy too. 

So far today, I have pin-basted two lap size quilts, sewn on some borders, browsed through some books to get some ideas for a new quilt using large scale prints, baked some home-made granola bars, started reading a novel by Laurie R. King, got caught up on Facebook, admired the sunshine, played with my camera and the collage creating features of Picasa, and watched some Olympic skiing on t.v...

I recently purchase this little toiletry pouch made by Fossil.  It is a great size and shape, I was thinking of trying to make one similar to it out of felt and one of the fun-colored zippers I picked up recently a year or two ago. Maybe later.. michelle

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