Saturday, February 27, 2010

Felt Saturday

I didn't plan this for today, but it just unfolded that way.  I spent most a lot of today doing things with felted wool.   
Well, I did get sidetracked for quite some time in exploring other blogs.  That must be a phase that new bloggers go through, right?
 I made lavender pincushions/sachets,

And some more little round-topped bags

And here they are in a nice pattern:
I am also rolling some more coils for braided rug.  To write Part Two of the tutorial on how to make a braided rug, I have to start a new one so that I can take some photos of the process.  So, I am mulling over whether to make it round or oval, any votes on that?

Speaking of crafts tutorials, I came across this amazing how-to site, 
which appears to have instructions for just about anything, perhaps making my how-to's redundant. Well, I have a lot to do. michelle

1 comment:

  1. Michelle,

    I am voting for oval because that is what I want to make!! Some cool little projects you have on the go here. And yes blogs are informative but also time consuming. I have looked at so many house ones - it helps though to see what you think works and doesn't work though.



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