Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Felted aran Laptop bag


Today I made something I'd been thinking about for a while, which is a felted sweater messenger bag for my laptop.  My sister found me the perfect sweater for it, (thanks Gerry!) which was a hand-knit aran wool that they had shrunk a bit.  I washed it to felt it up more, and then started cutting it up!

 It's just a pretty simple rectangle that is big enough for my laptop to slide into.  It was still a bit stretchy, so I made a lining out of a striped ticking and sewed it into the wool rectangle.   
I looked for some buttons for the top closure, 

And found these three leather beauties- even the shank is leather!

I used a strand of linen with wool to crochet the button loops and an edge along the top of one of the sides, and then sewed on the buttons:

Then I made a strap out of the pieced left from the arms of the sweater, i just sewed them into a long strip and made a tube with this fake leather cloth i had. Turned it inside out and stitched it to the sides, along with a few more buttons through all the layers to make it secure, and Voila! it is done!
I love it!

Last night's quilt guild meeting was actually a lot of fun.  I saw some people I hadn't seen for a while, and that was great.  Also, they had a couple of "flea market" tables where a few people were selling things, and I was able to get a few crocheted fabric throw rugs, not large, but I thought they would be nice up by the twin beds at the cabin.  I would post a photo, but they're still out in the car, as I have been too lazy to unload it yet.


  1. So pretty! I made a similar laptop case last year - I love wrapping inanimate objects in cozy sweaters.

  2. Alli, I saw that on your blog, and that was one of my "encouragements" to try one myself! m


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