Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday Morning Bustle

Yesterday was a typical day at the shop.

Got there a bit early to meet a sales rep.  She has the best fabric, but it takes a few hours to go through.  The reps usually use rolling suitcases to bring the samples.  Some of the samples are on paper, but this time most of them were real cloth headers. She comes every few months, and we do orders for about 4 or 5 months ahead.  This time it was a lot of Christmas fabric.  We start by making coffee.  Then, she lays out all the samples and tells me details about when it's available, what it's called, whether there are patterns or pre-cuts available to go with the group, assorted trivia, etc.  There is usually a huge mountain of samples in front of me when she's done.  Along the way, I jot down notes about what groups I like, when they're available, or if there are particular things I need to remember.      The photo above was taken when we already had put away a lot of stuff.  I like to do all this, but it's a bit nerve-wracking.  I sort of have to imagine what we'll be wanting for the future, and hope that I choose things that my customers will be looking for, and try to co-ordinate that with what we already have on order.  So we put in orders for at once, and for every month until August.  I already have other orders from her that go until April or May. 

At some point I heard a delivery come in, and so popped out to see what it was:

Just one box of fabric, some odds and ends that we needed.

Finished about noon. 

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