Friday, May 7, 2010

Beautiful Friday

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
Yesterday it was so stimulating to get together with the girls.  Linda had made some really gorgeous stitched picture things with cigar silks.  I get so many ideas when we get together.  Also very yummy apple crisp with ice cream and coffee!
I started quilting on my grandmother's flower garden late yesterday afternoon.  I had earlier done a little outlining of the straighter areas to get started. As it happened, I decided to just fill it all in with meandering.  This is my default choice, when I can't think of what else to do.  Rather, I can think of other ways to do it, but then I quickly evaluate whether I would be willing to put in the required time.  So, I would love to have the hexagons all outlined by hand-stitching, but I know right away that it would take me years to do that, and by the end i would be just pulling my hair out (okay, not literally, since I like having hair).  Then, I repeat my mantra, "Finished is better than perfect". 

one thing I took for show and tell to our coffee get-together was the clock I made at the workshop last weekend, made out of cardboard, paint, and embellishments.  I was excited to do this project, because it was similar to another clock I have, which I got in Kalamazoo a few years ago:
There were some amazing clocks made at the workshop, and one of the other participants figured out the accordian pleated shutters, so I hope she doesn't mind my using them as well!  The basic design for the clock is by Charlotte Lyons, and there is a possibility that she might sell kits to make such a clock from her etsy shop, i think,  She has also written a couple of great descriptions of the workshop, which you can find at her blog: house wren studio.
 The bird motif is everywhere, it seems, and these are some cute owls on this flannel:

 But right now, I am loving wool!

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