Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another "Yard" Day

I'm still taking advantage of this gorgeous weather by doing things outside-- today I did a lot of sanding and painting.  We have 2 cedar benches that needed sanding down and re-staining, which was actually sort of not too bad to do.  I need to go in to town to get some sort of varethane or weather-protector stuff, as they look sort of matt finish.  After that, I was on a roll, so I hauled out the exterior white oil-based paint I bought 2 years ago, and started on the house trim.  Funny how I can put off a project for so long and then one day, just out of the blue decide to do it! Of course, there is a Lot of white trim on our house, so I hope that momentum will see me through finishing it!  Maybe I'll even paint the shutters, since I've never really liked the color they are now.


  1. Good luck with all that trim! It will sure be pretty once you finish!

  2. That sounds like what my summer will be like. Sanding, scrapping, filling and painting a ton of trim. Hope your momentum continues and then you can sit back and enjoy the freshnesss of it all.


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