Friday, May 14, 2010

A Colorful Thursday

Today was a busy day, starting this morning with my coffee group, which was very nice, and we had a wonderful cake, with walnuts on it, and an orange glaze, accompanied by whipped cream with Grand Marnier. Amazing and delicious, especially with coffee!

Actually, before that, I went out to the yard and marvelled at the ferns, which seem to grow an inch or two every day now!! these ones are just starting to unfurl,
also, I know that I've talked about the fat robins before, but really, this one is crazy! He must be 4 inches wide!

I think that the main thing I have discovered by doing this blog is this:  That my life is richer and more interesting when I take the time to look at small details-- which I look for now that I keep a camera close at hand.

So, when I sat in the yard yesterday, I noticed the way the little bush by the backyard shed has new leaves, and how nice they look against the wall under the window.

I spent a very happy time at the garden center picking out some plants for my largely unplanted flower beds that I built last summer!  Enough to fill the trunk of my car.
Later, at the store, Jackie was putting the kits together for saturday:

Carol very kindly has loaned us another gorgeous tea-towel she appliqued -you can't really see in this photo, but there are really pretty multi-color stripes down each side of the towel ,

And in the classroom, Jenn was teaching her class on lone star quilts, and the color combinations were gorgeous!

 Actually, they're sort of the same feeling as in these button flower bouquets that I snapped shots of earlier at my friend's house!
 I am lucky that I live in such a colorful world!

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