Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Java Girls

Enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day-- no-one makes it as good as Richard. 
In a few minutes I'll be leaving to go to my coffee/sewing group, and the sun is shining, what could be better????
Last night I continued making little birds, but just the bodies, as embellishing them was too much for me at the time.  Actually, I was also exploring how to alter the body type by cutting the pieces in different ways.  I think that I am most happy sewing them by hand out of wool, with perle cotton thread.  I've been stuffing them with little pieces of batting, since I don't have any "stuffing" on hand.

this is me at my desk, in the sun, taken by the web cam, to prove we have sun.  Also, I bought my first pair of "reading" glasses. 
Have a great day!


  1. Good Morning Michelle!
    Just wanting to say hello ~ I'll be back to read your blog much closer a little later as it looks awesome!
    Hope you are catching up on your rest. I'm finally catching up after being away last weekend.
    I'm so happy I got to meet you. :)

  2. Welcome to the reading glasses club! It's an exclusive one, open only to beautiful women of a certain age who are tired of squinting.

    Love the birds! I like using my batting scraps for stuffing.

  3. Just now your first pair of reading glasses!! I wish -I gave in a number of years ago because it was too much hassle to squint like i was and not worth the headache. Now you will have the joy of never being able to find a pair when you need them!!


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