Sunday, May 30, 2010

My dilemma

Even though it was raining, I had to wander around the yard, and thus noticed that the lily of the valley are starting to bloom.

I picked a few to bring inside and then went to town for a few hours.  When I came home I could smell them.  It is amazing that such little things can emit such a fragrance.
This shelf below shows the results of my winding yesterday!  I'm not sure what it says about my color palette. 
Which brings me to very sad knitting news.  I broke the cardinal rule of knitting.  I started to work on a project before ensuring that I had enough wool to complete it! Yes.  I mistakenly thought that the wool I was using was a basic, generic type that is easily found.  Unfortunately, it turns out that it was recently discontinued, as the company decided to shut down operations.  (which i find to be very silly, as it was a part of Coats and Clark, which has been in business for 200 years or so.)  Nevertheless, that's what has happened and now I have one sleeve which I really like.  Can I somehow turn it into a cushion??


  1. I love the smell of lily of the valley:)

  2. Hi M
    just love your blog--I feel like I,m stalking you but love to see what you are up to!!!
    I,m off on a road trip tomorrow T.O. and points east
    Linda beebe


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