Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Sewing Room/ Studio

I left my camera at the shop today, so I went through some photos that were already on the computer, and decided to talk about my sewing room. 

Sewing room vs. studio
For several years I worked with clay and at that time called the place where I worked my studio.  Because of that, I've always referred to my sewing room as a sewing room.  It's gone through many different formats as we've moved from one house to another.   Although I haven't done any pottery for several years now, I've been intending to convert the little structure at the back of our yard into another "studio", so I'll have both a studio and a sewing room. 
The house we're in now has the best sewing room so far.  When we moved in there were 6 bedrooms in the house, which was originally built in 1907 and had an addition put on some years ago.  Two of the bedrooms in the addition were quite small and dark, but most importantly, they were adjacent to each other.  It seemed only logical to knock out the wall between them to make one larger room.  Ripped out the ugly carpet, did some minor carpentry to address where the closets had been, painted, added new pine plank floors, and moved in my stuff!!  That was about 3 years ago and since then I've shuffled things around, trying to find the storage system that is most user-friendly, and have spent lots of time in here.  It is still in flux, as I move things around, add and remove furniture and supplies. 
It goes without saying that I don't just sew in the sewing room!
The long blue and brown curtains cover the shelves that hold my quilting fabric.  They used to be open, but I found that too distracting.  There is usually a table in front of the other window too.
I have new light fixtures to put up, but haven't been able to get an electrician to do this yet, although I have tried to get one to do it, but he didn't want to.  Very sad.
The little square table is where I usually have my sewing machine set up.
I have a lot of quilting books, and other art and craft related books. 
The cutting table is on the right,

Currently I have places to keep my fabric, paper supplies, paints, felted wool, yarn books, buttons, trim, computers (2), beads, and photos (and miscellaneous other stuff).  Sometime I'd like to phase out the plastic storage containers, but they are quite useful to hold things at the moment.
This is also where I do all the office work now too.
Hope you enjoyed the little tour!


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