Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last Day in St. Louis, the second part

Well, after the amazing tour of Mary Engelbreit's studio-office, we were kept busy doing a few other St.Louis activities. 
One thing I am impressed by here is the quality of the restaurants!! (Last night we had an amazing!!! meal at a French/Italian restaurant named Atlas.  It was memorable. )  But I digress, this is about today!  So for lunch we went to another Italian place for salads--- Caprese for Richard, and a Tuna/Canneloni ? bean salad for me, with a couple of yummy basil/tomato/mozza brushetta--- yummy!
We walked around a bit, over to the Old Basilica Cathedral of St. Louis,  what a stunning place for the people of St. Louis to gather.  It is filled to the brim with exquisite mosaic work which took 56 years to complete.  It is among the most beautiful churches i have ever had the privilege to visit. They were inspired to create this church in the style of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. 

We then made a visit to the Botanical Gardens.  Being a bit tired, and not having too much of the afternoon left to us, we took the tram through the extensive gardens.  Wow, what a lot to see.  It was nice to just soak up the peaceful atmosphere of the gardens.  There were a lot of families there, people of all ages.  Again, what a resource for the people of St. Louis. 
 A gentle fountain...
A little sprite running through the trees...

A little bird who hasn't yet learned how to fly:

Can't you just smell those roses, they are so perfect  

In the main building was a display of botanical artwork, utilizing photo transfer onto a heavy white muslin or canvas like fabric, enhanced by blocks of the image being repeated in a quilted area.

I love the colors of the orchids in the gift shop, wish I could fly some home with me.. m


  1. thank you for sharing your trip with us! i just got back from the canadian quilt association show in calgary (with a scrap or two of fabric!) and i am continually amazed at the creativity that people have! what an inspiration! i am particularly impressed by the botanicals you photographed, incorporated into quilted, if i could only find the time...!

  2. it was a nice surprise, seeing some "quilted" artwork , and I have lots more to share from the workshop itself!

  3. my guess is that the orchid color will end up in your next quilted wall hanging. Thanks for sharing the pictures - wow. Looks like you had a great time.

  4. Hi Again - Great choices to visit! I have only been to the Old Basilica Cathedral once, even though I live here. It's amazing and you took some wonderful shots.

  5. that church was amazing ly beautiful.


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