Monday, May 10, 2010

My Monday Plan

 Spring seems to be making a leisurely entrance.  The robins are still fat, and trees are just starting to leaf out.
 Looking through the new Kaffe Fassett book, I am very attracted to the exhuberant color combinations.  I have a pile of orange fabrics just waiting for me to decide what to do with,
 But yesterday, I still had a pile of "monet" colored strips in a heap in my sewing room, left over from a recent nine-patch.  So, I decided to use them for another Kaffe-type pattern,
 the center is just a square, or a four patch, and then you sew rounds of fabric on to that center.  They don't have to be all the same width, altho each round is the same.  that is, you can add a skinny round, then a fat round, then a medium round, etc,
   I decided to make them different sizes and then "float" them in a sea of plain white fabric.  Later it might be fun to use a colored thread or something in the quilting to jazz up the white- or it might be nice to just leave it quiet.
 To sew them all together, I just divided them into 3 columns, then sewed strips on to the sides of the blocks to make all the blocks in one column a consistent width, and then sewed bars of white between the blocks to make the 3 columns the same height.
Since I still have a bunch of strips left over ---( of course!!!), I think I'll add a piano key border around the whole thing.  So, to get ready to sew that together, I've just sorted the strips into piles according to length-- more like a pipe organ!
 Well, that and a bunch of paper work should keep me busy for most of today!! Have a great monday!


  1. Hi Michelle - I see you've been busy! I'm looking past your work however, to your beautiful planked floor. It's so pretty and it looks like pine, my favorite.


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