Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Green

One thing you can say about all this rain we've been getting, is that things are really green out there!  When I got back from the cabin last night I was amazed by how things have grown in the last few days!  The grass is about 8 inches tall, and all the leaves are very bright, especially against the tree-trunks, which being wet, are very dark.  I took this photo early this evening, and the yard sort of looks like a cyclone hit it, with branches having blown out of the trees, and such.

The leaves on this yellow elder are chartreuse! (those are begonias planted along the fence, along with some virginia creeper I just put in a couple of weeks ago- nothing else has done very well along this fence)
These are the blocks I worked on at the cabin.  There are 6 inch quarter square triangles alternating with the little squares of green.  I think that block might be called Bird House.  I put little frames of white around the quarter square blocks because I didn't want the corners to touch.  Instead I wanted them to "float" on the white.  For the setting triangles around the edge, I'm planning to use the light green again.  For some reason I am really liking quilts right now that have a lot of white in them...
 And here, on the floor is a selection of old linens that Debbie gave me!!! Yay Deb! I am mulling over how to use them.  There is some really pretty filet crochet edging, and the larger tablecloth has a monogrammed S on it!  
 I got home at about 3:30 this afternoon, and instead of working on these worthy sewing projects, I pulled a double espresso, and retreated to my "sewing" room where I spent 2-1/2 hours winding yarns into balls with my trusty ball winder machine.  It was very satisfying.  The best part? - While I did this, a little elf was cleaning the house! Yes! Aliona (my 18 yr old daughter) has kindly come out to do some work  (for pay).  I really hope that tomorrow is nice out because she also is great at yard work!!!! Lucky me.


  1. What pretty linens! And I love that quilt you've got going on!

  2. When I hit the internet the first stop is your blog site. I'm always excited to see what you are busy doing.
    Considering the rain and wind I think your yard looks great! Well established.
    How the heck did you do all that quilting without an iron?
    Sadly for me I have finished quilting for the "spring" season and am busy refinishing a door. then I will spend the whole entire summer painting!

  3. thanks kim! Bernie, thanks,the yard will hopefully look about 10 times better after i mow the grass and sweep up all the fallen leaves. As for the weeds, maybe it's time to get out some round-up. your house will be a work of art!

  4. oooh I just love the white & orange. It's so dainty too! ;)


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