Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Resto Hardware Steampunk

I recently visited a Restoration Hardware store, and noticed that they had a lot of product with a definite steampunk vibe, the "Victorian / industrial" style: 

 On Westheimer,  in Houston, there was a fenced lot full of jumbled, abandoned antiques. I found the random juxtapositions quite interesting.

 This is a shot of the wall of a coffeeshop that continued that sort of style:
 And, finally, my own back yard seems to share some of these elements. (But this photo is from a while ago, since now we are entering the season of snow and ice.)


  1. random collections have their own beauty, don't they? somehow so many of them seem to grow organically, missing the whole 'messy clutter' phase...or maybe that kind of beauty is only in the eye of the beholder!
    well - if you're going to have something in your eye, it might as well be beauty, right?

  2. how interesting:) and I do love your garden.

  3. thankyou, I have a real liking for cement and stone statues. also steampunk stuff. also collections.


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