Saturday, November 13, 2010

some Felty Loveliness

Ready for some felt-love?
Yesterday (and a few other moments here and there) I finished up a few felt projects that I had wanted to do for a little while.  I love working with felt!
First up was a bracelet kit I had purchased in Houston.  I made it primarily to use as a sample at the shop, since I placed a substantial order with the company.  This is a teaser-- you will go bananas when you see it all arrive.
The bracelet was not too hard to make, assuming you have a couple of basic jewellery making techniques, such as opening and closing jump rings,
The main difference between the felt balls made by this company and the previous felt balls we had from the Artgirlz company (which seemed to go out of the felt ball business to pursue other endeavors), is the absence of a hole drilled through the ball.  Instead, you use a large, flat needle that separates the felted wool fibers and opens up a temporary hole for you to poke the wire through.  It took a few tries to get the hang of it, but then it was pretty clear sailing. 
The wire is strung with a couple of other beads, and then the straight end you coil into a spiral.  Then you attach all the little beads, about 50 of them to the bracelet's main chain with jump rings. 
This is my finished bracelet in a tray along with some other felted goodies that I'm gathering together for the display when the order arrives.
After that, I pulled out some green felted wool fabric, and wrapped it around some cardboard cylinders that I happened to have around.
I decorated them quite simply with some scraps of ribbon, and a few felt beads.
And what is that little animal you may be asking???
That little puppy is a needle felted dog!
 He is my first attempt at making a three dimensional figure out of wool roving and a basic single barbed needle.  He took about an hour of poking at the wool, and I only jabbed myself about 3 times.  You have to be really really careful about that!!  He is a bit stumpy, but I like him!
 Finally, do you remember the time when I started to knit a sweater and then had to stop because I couldn't buy any more wool to finish it?  Well, I did NOT rip out the sleeve that I had knitted.  Instead, I have turned it into a purse.
 I added a bit of crochet along the top edge, and sewed up the folded up sides.  There it languished for a month or two --( how time passes!).
 I decided to use this lovely turquoise silk to line it, also adding an iron on interfacing to give it a bit more body.  The lining is definitely necessary so that the bag does not stretch all out of shape>

 When I picked it up by the handle, of course it slumped.  So I merely cut a piece of wood dowel a little shorter than the width, and encased it in another piece of the lining and slip stitched it across the top edge:
 Did you notice the strap handle????
I love it!  It is by Sang Woo company, and it is Detachable!! Yes, you can buy one handle and use it interchangeably on more than one bag.  Brilliant!
 And that concludes Felt Friday for michelle!


  1. WOW Michelle! LOVE the bracelet, and OMG you actually made a dog! lol that's fabulous! SOOO teeny!

  2. our 'heart-felt' thanks to you, michelle! looking forward to seeing the kits in-store...

  3. Ha ha, well, you know i can't resist anything made of wool! and the little dog really is little! I think i might need to make a friend for him..

  4. Love the jewelry and the purse is adorable!


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