Friday, November 12, 2010

some More quilts from Houston

this first one was mostly painted fabric:

 This one has some photo transfer where the little girl is by the water, with applique surrounding it:
 This is another quilt that uses photo-transfer, in a more fanciful composition:

 When I first looked at this quilt, I didn't immediately notice that there were alphabet letters on it:

 I liked the colors in this quilt: 

 There was a small display of quilts from an International show in Japan, and I thought this one was especially charming:
 I really enjoyed the color and fabric patterns used by this quilter.

 It is fun to go to quilt shows.  I notice that a quilt can catch my attention for various reasons.  Sometimes it is the colors that catch my eye, and I'm interested in the fabrics that the quilter chose to combine.  Other times it is a technique, or a little detail that I want to look at more closely.   I suppose this is the case with most people, we find some aspect of the quilt that piques our curiosity that then draws us in for a closer, more comprehensive look at the quilt. 

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