Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is a closeup of one of the quilts hanging at the quilt show in Houston this week:  I have refined my technique of documentation and taken photos of the information corresponding to each quilt I took photos of.  Don't know why I didn't do this the first day.  I suppose it's a hold-over from when taking photos cost actual money, you had to buy the film, and then get it developed, and so each photo was a decision.  Plus, they were all usually 4" x 6", and that is pretty small to see the writing on a photo like this, because of course, you couldn't crop the photo to get just the printed information either, and so the info paper would be a little rectangle of white in the center of the larger photo.  I do love digital photography!  
The next two photos are taken during quilt Market, the trade show that I attended a couple of days ago.  This is of the quilt show area.  I'm sure you notice the wide open aisles!  It is a wonderful opportunity to see the quilts and take any photos without distraction or obstruction!

Today I'm going back to the show, but it is now Quilt Festival, the public show week..
I will attempt to take photos of the aisles and post them here later so you can see what it is like now!!!!

The past couple of days, I've been wandering around the area by Westheimer Street.  It is a long street with many businesses on it.  Some are very upscale, others aren't.

 I purchased a new plug-in cord for my laptop, Yay!
And....  took the opportunity to visit High Fashion Fabrics:
 I left with 4 of these bags.
In them was a variety of wools for the shop, -- the price was right, and it is hard for me to find patterned wool.  I hope they all felt up nicely and that the rug hookers and penny rug makers will like them!
 Now, I'd better scamper over to Festival to see what's happening! 
I'll just leave you with one more quilt to admire:

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  1. LOVE THE ALPHABAAAHT! those sheep are marvelous! they make me giggle! thank you!


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