Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Quilt Retreat Weekend Part 1

 I went to the Retreat Center on Thursday evening to get settled in so that I'd be there and prepared with refreshments when people started to arrive on Friday morning. 
The building is a huge timber frame construction that used beams from an old elevator.  It is beautiful; light filled and open, out in the countryside in a river valley.  This is the main hall where we set up our machines.

Some people brought their supplies in lovely co-ordinated travel containers:
We had common tables set up on which to do our cutting and ironing:
 It is a funny thing how quilters are very sociable -- at any time there were lots of people away from their projects just visiting with others.
 I like that this quilter was working on a snowy scene with another snowy scene just outside the window!
 This is another view from a window:
 Lots of lovely stacks of fabric wherever you looked:
 And partially sewn quilts:

 We also had 4 artists join us.  Some worked with pastels, and also acrylic and watercolor:

Although it's over now, there are a lot of nice memories. 


  1. Hi Michelle!
    Thank you so much for another fun retreat weekend. I got a few projects finished and ate a lot pretty good food - your snack table was amazing! The weather was cold but sunny and I went for walks too. Thanks again...p.s. heard you were dancing Saturday night :)

  2. Michelle (and Deb),
    It was such a well organized and friendly retreat. I did feel intimidated to step into the midst of so many fabulous quilters as a "newbie" but that worry vanished amongst all the laughter and advice and food! The physical surroundings and the building plus the food make it my #1 retreat ever. I will be back (well as long as I didn't really get voted off for being too rowdy!).


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