Saturday, November 27, 2010

Craft Sale Day

The pre-Christmas Craft sales are happening lately.  Today I had a really great time at the Albert Community Center, where the Spinner's and Weavers Guild had a show and sale on the 2nd floor, and the Potter's Guild had a sale on the 3rd floor. Sad to say, but I did not have camera with me to show you the excitement, but I did bring a few things home with me.
 I got a beautiful glossy pear, and a soft satiny apple, (pit-fired by Thelma Howard)
 A lovely woven scarf by AlisonPhilips, -- Yes, the yellow rug is also new, but I will try to photograph it tomorrow so that I don't need to use the flash, so that you can see the colors better.
 My favorite find of the day was the bracelet and choker made by JacQueline Keller, who weaves the bands and adds crochet. 

 On the home front, I learned how to make the flowers folded from paper.  You make several sections and glue them together.  These ones were made from 3-inch squares of printed music paper.
 And last night I had to sew up a couple of tea towels with this cotton-linen fabric we had at the shop.  The printed twill tape just arrived yesterday and it was so easy to sew it on the side, making a loop at the top,

I will be having a sale at my house next Saturday, too -- selling the weaving yarn that I mentioned earlier, e-mail me if you'd like more information, m


  1. sadly, i didn't get to any of the sales this weekend...i always love the craft-sale season - there are so many beautiful items being made by such talented people! i MUST get some of that twill tape, though! is it printed to scale? i got some measuring tape ribbon several years ago, but realized that it was printed so that the 'inches' were really only about three-quarters of...damn and blast! it really messed me up! i've been looking ever since for some properly done ribbon or tape....
    also, can i pass along the information about the weaving yarn sale to glenda and some of our weavers?
    have a good weekend, you busy girl!

  2. yes, please spread the word about the sale! I'd like to have it all out to new homes by Christmas!! I emailed the notice to Gail, who does the newsletter for the guild, hope she forwards it to the members. I left flyers at the sale on Saturday too.

  3. okay, michelle - will do! hope i'll be able to get there too....


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