Thursday, November 4, 2010

Festival Day in Houston

I think I walked quite a few miles today!

 As you can see, there are more people now, but not as crowded as other times I've been here!
 Although I went to look through the vendor's booths with no intentions to purchase anything, (since I started to pack last night and I seem to have a bit of a load), I couldn't help myself!  What can I say, it was a good year to be a shopper. (Seriously, I noticed lots of vendors selling fabric at cut-rate prices-- barely over cost, but I didn't look at fabric much, I already got some last week for gifts, and it is Heavy to carry!)

I really scored at one of the vintage quilt and textile booths.  I scooped up these gorgeous hand-sewn blocks, 19 of them in the bag.
 and also 32 grandmother flower garden blocks that were sewn with such happy colors!
At the same vendor,I got all 5 of these needlepoint peices for $46.50! She was clearing them out.  Lucky me.
 And finally from the same vendor, a redwork piece that seemed perfect for me, since it does contain my initials, MH, plus a P as a bonus.

I added 3 more gorgeous wools to my collection.

 These are 3 little hand-stitched pictures from Africa-- again, really cheery

  I won't go into all the other stuff that ended up in my bag -- some gifts, a couple of books, a cross-stitch pattern, that sort of thing.
Tonight I'll try to cram it all into my suitcases because I'm coming home tomorrow!
I might have a little time to knit on the scarf I've been working on in the evenings, doesn't it look pretty on the chair?
  I would be remiss if I didn't include a few more pictures of quilts from the shows!

This is a Miniature!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the time at the show! I sure did!


  1. Oh my goodness! Such prettiness! I hope you make it home with everything!

  2. what serendipity! a redwork piece with your initials and a 'p' for periwinkle! thanks for sharing your marvelous trip with us in our armchairs and have a good trip home.
    visited the shop yesterday, looking for three fat quarters....found them - and a lot besides! love the felted wool balls!
    cheers! molly

  3. I hope I get home with everything intact too!! Thanks molly, I encountered an amazing felt ball vendor, so look for more to come!!!!


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