Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 3 (and 4)

yesterday i did some shopping and people watching here in houston.  I spent a little time online to plan, which paid off really good.   I knew that where I wanted to go would be a $25 or $30 cab fare(each way), so I decided to take the bus -- $1.25 .  It was really good!  These are some advantages of taking a bus:
1. you see other places along the way that are interesting that might also be fun to go to
2. you get a tiny glimmering for how it feels to live here
3.  you save a lot of money that you can feel virtuous about
4. you get to spend that amount of money for something else and feel like you're getting it almost "free""
5. you don't have to make awkward conversation with a cab driver
6. you can use the knowledge of how to get around over again, multiplying the advantages
Yesterday I took the 81 bus down Westheimer road to one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie.  Actually I've only been to 2 other locations, but I used to get their mail order catalogue where I fell in love with how they styled the products.  It turned out to be in a pretty upscale shopping area, with a lot of well known stores, like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Banana Republic, Paper Source, West Elm, and so on.  I had lunch at Escalante's, a really nice Tex-Mex place, where I had an amazing Ceviche and Mango Salad.
I had intended on walking back along Westheimer to a funky antique store area, but packed it in before i got that far.
So, that is my plan for today, to go back there and check out the antique shops, which are pretty interesting looking, and also a garden statuary place that seemed to have a wide selection of very interesting topiaries.  AND on the way back on the bus, I noticed the location of High Fashion Fabrics!  This is a famous place where a lot of designers go to get the fabrics for their designs! It is first on my list of places to go today.
After that, I might go to a Museum recommended by Deirdre, the Menil collection.
Yesterday was 89 degrees Farenheit, and humid.  It rained during the night and I think it will be cooler today.

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  1. wow....I'm impressed by all you fit in to one day. Enjoy yourself and let's go for coffee when you get back...or maybe I'll drop by the house...laurel


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