Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paper Sculpture

This is a very interesting feature on a French artist who fits mini paper figurines inside cardboard rolls

Aren't they exquisite?  I really like the way the light comes in at the end to frame the silhouette. There are some really interesting paper crafts being done now.
 Check this out---  dress made by Jolis Paons:
This was included in the book by Jason Thompson, Playing with Books, which I recently got a copy of, and hope to do some of the projects included there,

He is the author of a blog as well,  ragandbone, and he is a bookmaker.  I really have noticed an upswing in interest in the whole topic of typography lately.  I wonder what factors have been encouraging this?  The interest in monogramming-- customizing goods to your own taste,  recycling art? like the re-use of old books and paper as featured above?  everyone's familiarity with their keyboards now that so much is done on computers and the ease of changing fonts?  a counterbalance effect of people doing hand-writing things now that they spend so much time typing?  do you have any thoughts on this?

Oh, and one final photo of paper dresses, taken at the cardboard village in Moscow:


  1. Interesting about the paper. Geoff gave me a picture of the Bessborough [photo] printed on handmade paper made from Starbucks cups - all done by a friend of his.
    The paper cut looks very tiny - interesting.

  2. Yes, it seems pretty small details, I wonder if it is cut with an x-acto knife.


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