Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little Bit of Sewing

I've done a little sewing while up here at the lake,
This is the center of the quilt for the new pattern Marmalade I mentioned earlier.  The blocks are a smaller size for this one so that there are still enough of them to make a nice repeating pattern layout.   I think that it would have also been nice to use a dull purple where the blue is.  I haven't trimmed it yet to add the borders, but I have to wait to get the fabric for them since I didn't have any with me when I came here. 
I also sewed together this table runner out of 6-inch stars, and although the colors are a bit different for me, I used some of my favorite fabrics from my stash and quite like the result.  Again, no borders yet. 
It's funny that I didn't bring border fabrics, because I did bring along some batting and backing in the event that i got to the quilting part.  But a funny thing happened when I was setting up my sewing machine.  The walking foot was on the machine, and when I took it off to replace it with the regular sewing foot, the whole thing just fell apart in my hand.  Yes, it came apart into 3 pieces, which did not seem to want to go back together into one piece again. 
However, I must confess, that much of my time has been spent by the fireplace: reading my new Sue Grafton book, knitting, doing a little hand stitching and exploring blog-land!!!
I hope that you are able to set aside some time for just relaxing before the holidays begin too!

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