Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not much sunlight now

The days are so short now in terms of light.  Even though there are 24 hours, much of it is spent in a sort of twilight.  This afternoon I took these photos, and the sun was starting to set already at 3 p.m. 
From the front window of the cabin, I see lots of white, blue and grey.
There aren't very many people up here at the lake this time of year.  However, Fred came by earlier and plowed out the driveway.  I'm glad that I am up here safe and sound and snug with lots of birch firewood.
I moved a little table to look out the window while I sew.
 Haven't done too much sewing yet, but I have started.  I am test-driving the small version of a pattern I have in the works called Marmalade.  I named it that because the original version that I made some months ago was done in some nice orange shades with a lime green accent. 
The smaller version I'm making is quite different.  It will have brown, blue and cream colors..
Brown where the orange is, and blue where the green is.  The blocks are also a bit smaller.


  1. I love this quilt, I saw it hanging in your shop last week, and even asked if you had the pattern for it !!

  2. thank you, i'm glad you like it, the pattern will be coming in a week or so...


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