Monday, December 13, 2010

this is the third collage made from Lakadaisises patterns.  I really like the silhouette idea and by making the cutout silhouettes from felted wool actually creates a little bit of shadow. Subtle but nice.  I'm still undecided whether to frame them with glass or without.  So far, they are without, because those are the frame I had on hand. 
Yesterday I was in the mood for some senseless knitting.  You must know the feeling.  I've been working on and off on a sweater that has a sort of complicated pattern on it in two colors.  I can only do about 4 rows before putting it aside.  Lately I have been happy with a couple of handbags I made that were knitted, so I embarked on another one.  This one is in red, because I love red, and also because this is the season for red!

Actually, I am still mulling over the idea of trying to knit a red floor mat. No, I mean crochet.. I did a test swatch with bobbles on it that create some depth.  Haven't yet decided on it for sure..
However, this bag is definitely knitted.  I like the idea of the woven in accent color that I had tried before with crochet.  The actual weaving in and out part can be a bit tedious though, so I decided to space out the vertical lines.  So, the bag is 40 stitches wide, knit on 8mm needles with 3 strands of wool! Not sure why I decided to use 3 strands, except that I thought it might turn out to be the right size for a lap-top and some extra padding would be nice.( For anyone who is interested in the actual knitting -- To make the openings for the weaving part, I did this:  Right side rows:* knit 4, bind off one stitch*, repeat,  Wrong side rows, purl, except where there is an opening from the bound off stitch, yarn over, to put the stitch back,)

 Again keeping in the seasonal mood, I used a nice combo of lime greens as an accent. The handle was 11 stitches wide, and about 48 inches long.  I just sewed the raw edges together, and then used red yarn to tack it down the center so that it wouldn't "roll" and distort during the washing. 
The top edge of the bag opening I decided to do a simple rib to pull it in a bit. 


 Now I need to go throw it in the wash!
Are you working on anything in seasonal colors?  What?

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