Monday, December 27, 2010

Quick Recap of Christmas

 I hope you had a nice relaxing Christmas!  I enjoyed myself, in our sort of low-key way.  We usually decorate the tree on Christmas Eve, and this was done by my youngest daughter and her friend.  They did a wonderful job, and the tree looked great! 
Some of my favorite decorations are those birds that clip on:
 Later, I found 2 more boxes of decorations upstairs! Oops.  Well, it didn't matter, the tree looked fine. 

 We ran a bit low on wrapping paper of the traditional sort, but found some other paper that worked quite well too!
And some people found interesting things in their Christmas stockings: Kinder eggs, soap, chocolates, and even a Kinder Santa!

 My big gift this year was a Kitchen Aid mixer!! Hooray! I have been looking at them for a couple of years, debating whether to get one, and so this was very exciting!! I immediately put it to use in making some bread!!
 I had fondly imagined some of us sitting around the table having fun making collages and scrapbooking, but the Wii proved to be more alluring to some than a gluestick.. However, I doggedly spread out my stuff and spent an hour or two cutting and gluing:
 I could only think of vases of flowers to make.  Very unimaginative, I think they are my default setting. 
a vase full of "balloon flowers"
 I still have this little lady cut out and am contemplating where she might go,
 I love Christmas!!


  1. Looks like a peaceful time in spite of the Wii.
    Snipping and gluing - reminds me of 'years ago' as do some of your decorations:)

  2. Love the wrapping paper! ;) And ps - thanks for the Periwinkle coupon. I got a gypsy gripper. Lucky me!! The other half-dozen of them were behind the counter on hold. lol Apparently a hot item ; )

  3. Merry Christmas! Great ob of decorating the tree girls!! Love the pattern tissue for wrapping paper! You are going to love your kitchen Aid, I know I do.


  4. Michelle,
    Merry Christmas and the best of the season to you.
    I've been without a computer for over a month so found some quiet time this afternoon to catch up on your blog site. Looks like you have been productive and yet enjoyed some quality time as well. I love the variety of your projects! Inspiring to say the least.
    Hopefully by New Year we will have a computer again so then I can post reguarly. I did update mine while sitting in my husband's office but didn't have access to all the pictures I wanted to use so it went as I had it (before it crashed the night that the computer crashed) Sometimes blogging is so frustrating as it seems to crash our system reguarly but hopefully it won't with the new one. Plus if feels like you are talkign to thin air so that's why I definitely wanted to leave a comment today so you would know where I have disappeared to!
    I have the log cabin together and am just trying to decide exactly what to do on the border - want to highlight the hand quilting but want some details. Plus found it hard to sew with the amount of entertaining as well as being entertained that happens in December so back at it on my days off in the New Year (back to work tomorrow for 6 days).
    Have a good new years.

  5. thanks Janet, and all, the wrapping paper is definitely in keeping with our sewing interests,
    the kitchen-aid has made some rye/fruit/nut bread today! I like the kitchen-aid A Lot!

  6. oh you will enjoy your kitchen-aid (so aptly named!). i've had one for years now, and it's virtually identical to the one my mom had. for christmas this year i got the grinder attachment - looking forward to using it. my mom used that attachment the most of all of them. and remember - less time in the kitchen means more time for sewing/knitting/whatever!

  7. Molly, you are totally right. Today the kitchen-aid made dough for buns, and I am thinking of what else I want it to do...

  8. Bernie, thanks for your note, I hope you had a great Christmas!


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