Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Frosty Day

I love the mornings when I wake up and the trees are full of frost.  There is one part of the yard that when I look out from the upper floor window, reminds me of Narnia, when they tumble through the back of the wardrobe. 

I think today is a day for monochromatics. 
However, this is an update on where my new felted bag is at.  One of the interesting things about felting is that you can't really predict the proportions of how it's going to shrink unless you do a swatch and measurements.  Of course this is a bit tedious to do for every project, so I tend to wing it most of the time.  This time the bag seemed to shrink more vertically than horizontally, and so the bag is more shallow and wide than I expected it to be. 
 You can also see that the woven green parts are not so bright and clear as they were.  That's okay.   I pulled out my jar full of knitted and crocheted flowers to test drive some decorations.  I think I need to make a few leaves out of the lime green wool to add as well.  However, the bag is very thick!


  1. Ooh I love the music paper blooms! Lovely! ; )

  2. thanks, Monika, they are pretty easy to make, I think even children might enjoy making them

  3. I've just been browsing your blog. Very nice. Wow. Your picture of the choirboy candles took me way waay back (ha ha) to my childhood. I remember playing with these little candles. I loved them. Wow. Thanks for sharing that. God bless. Linda

  4. Such beautiful crochet flowers! And thanks for all your nice comments on my blog Next week, I'll post a tutorial of crochet butterflies!


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