Friday, December 17, 2010

More Felty Loveliness

For some reason, I thought that I had already written about this topic.  But whatever, you can never have too much felt loveliness! 
I phoned in to the shop --Periwinkle South, as it were.  (Since I am north at the moment).  Deb and Patti are awash in felt balls.. 
They have unpacked our recently arrived shipment that I ordered from the folks in St.Louis, via Houston at Quilt Market. 
Now they are trying to make a nice display at the shop. 
When I ordered the stuff, I did Not sit down and say, please send  3 of this and 6 of that... NO.  I said to the lovely lady.  "I would like an order in the amount of X,  could you please send us what you think would be a good selection for that amount?"  She said, "Sure".  And that was that..
Except, I wanted to hang around their booth!! 
It was so colorful and inviting....

Nice little felt balls with acorn tops... wouldn't they be lovely in a bowl on the coffee table?

 This is a jewellery board..  It has brooches, and necklaces, and even earrings! 

Yes, I did get a pair of earrings to take home.  Mine are light blue.
 Don't they blend well with glass beads, and with other kinds of flat felt and stitching?
 And here we see a version of a Christmas tree!

 And why not make a felt picture to put up in a child's room, or anywhere you'd like a splash of color and softness?
 Those things on the bottom are pin cushion on spools.  I think I need one of those.
 You can see how happy people can get when surrounded by felt!

So now you can see why I call it felt-love. 

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