Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 is going fast

It's the night before the night before the new year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few days of this old year.  I like the colors of Christmas and winter. 
Lots of white snow, and sparkles--when the sun shines on it...
The red and green of the decorations and the Christmas tree--- just like the little paper horses from Dalarna.

 I was looking through some of my photos and made a couple of collages of some taken this past year:

The one below shows some of the items I made with needles, scissors, glue, and threads...

And, speaking of sparkles,  I'd better find a bottle of bubbly tomorrow to welcome in the new year with!!
How will you mark the occasion???  Do tell!


  1. oohh that last collage is just gorgeous. : )
    New Year's Eve - sitting by the fire with my family until 10. : ) Kids are still little. But we are having cousins and friends coming over for the first time! We have never done that.

    Happy New Year!

  2. collages - what a lovely way to commemorate the accomplishments of a year! this year, for the first time, we are having a very quiet new year (we are getting older and the running joke is that we may be celebrating the new year on newfoundland time!). we'll have some good food, a fire in the fireplace, a couple of good friends, the kids may drop by en route to their celebrations! no party, per se. but yes - a bottle of bubbly!

    happy new year to you! i know the next year will just as amazing as the last one has been in terms of creativity - and i look forward to next year's collages!


  3. those both sound wonderful, the sitting by the fireplace, food, family...


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