Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ambitious Quilting

 I started my quilt using Salt Water fabrics by Tula Pink.  I am quilting it in sections so that I can be a bit more ambitious in the free motion quilting areas.  I find that it can get quite unwieldy to twist and turn a piece if its too large.

The central section is pretty colorful, so I used a straight line diamond pattern:
 I drew it out to scale beforehand, so that I would know where to place the lines.
The pale gray sections were the place to do free motion,

 I decided on a pattern of seashells and seaweed, with little pebbles to fill in the side areas.
First I did the central swath, then I filled in the pebbles on the sides

 Before I started, I got inspired by leafing through "In the Studio", by Angela Walters, who has some really good information about how to plan out your quilting designs, especially with a view to "modern" quilts:
 One of her suggestions is to sketch out ideas before hand, so I tried that.  I did find it helpful, especially to figure out some seashell designs.
 I also warmed up by doing a little swatch
I enjoyed the whole process, and now I am ready to add another section when I come back to this project; it will use the turquoise fabrics, plus more gray!
I'm not quite sure how large I'll make this quilt.  part of me wants to make it large enough to use on the bed, but that's pretty big!  we'll see.

I'm linking up again to the WIP website, here , so be sure to click on that link to see what others have been doing this week!  Also, hello to all you who are visiting from there!


  1. i learn something new just about every time you post, michelle! thank you!

  2. Wow, I am really impressed with your quilting! That is looking amazing! Great job! And you are right, it is ambitious. I always start out thinking I will try something new...and than fall back on the old easy patterns. Good for you for stretching into new territory!

  3. Jaw dropping - wow Michelle that is just stunning!!!
    : )))

  4. Oh this Tula Pink quilt is going to be amazing! The quilting is so perfect for it. I like (and have) both of Angela Walters books. Lots of good information for sure! And I was over at FecileCecile's blog...thanks for letting us know about it. It is very ispiring too!

  5. Really love the quilting! What a nice way to use some of your time- both the planning and the actual doing. Lovely!

  6. Well thank you all for the nice compliments, and from such skilled stitchers they are very heartening.

  7. Gorgeous quilting and I love the shells! We missed you on Sunday, but we all drooled over your silk, ribbon table runner!!

  8. Brilliant quilting and yes ... ambitious! I'm so impressed. And inspired ... well, maybe inspired SOMEDAY! I think I'm a long way from anything so detailed and skilled! Beautiful!

  9. Fantastic quilting and great info about your creative path!


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