Friday, February 15, 2013

Giveaway part two!

 This is the second part of the post on a fabric giveaway!  the previous post was for blog readers, and this is the part for people who shop at the store in Saskatoon!  This will start tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 16th.

For Customers at the store, there will be 6 jars to place your entry, one for each grouping, and you simply place your entry into the jar you like.

these are the groups:
1.  a cute owl group from STOF fabrics

2.  another cut owl group, but not from stof fabrics

3. Oh Deer!, by Momo for moda fabrics -- (yes there is  another set of these available on the blog giveaway as well)

4. Sew Stitchy, by Aneela Hooley for moda fabrics.  this is quite a lot of fabric, the panel alone is half a yard,

5. Kansas Troubles, by moda, lots of people like these fabrics! it's another duplicate set, also available on the blog giveaway,

6, a black, gray, white and taupe group, this is the biggest amount of fabric, as it has a couple of panels in it, and the pieces are all pretty big.
 How do you get an entry?
-you can get one entry slip each day you visit the store
-you can get one entry slip for each fat quarter you purchase
-you can get one entry slip for each pattern you purchase
-you can get 3 entry slips for each book you purchase
-you can get 1 entry slip for each quarter meter of fabric you purchase from off the bolt at regular price, (ex. each metre you would get 4 entry slips)

So, you can see you could enter several times each visit that you make to the shop!
Entries can be made up until closing time on Thursday, February 28th!
Good Luck!


  1. That is a super nice contest Michelle! Good luck to all!
    Nancy b.

  2. Oh darn !!! I was there one day too early !! Guess I will have to go back again LOL!!

  3. Love the contest idea!! The girls I babysit got me to put all of my slips into the 1st jar. After seeing all of the fabric here, I might just have to come back and put in more entries!


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