Monday, February 25, 2013

Internal Metal Purse Frame

 This is the second purse that I made using this hardware: (the "internal metal purse frame")
 I wanted to show you how to use one of these because it is easy to do, but hard to figure out if you're like me.

It helps if you've made a tote bag before sometime.  This one is a simple tote with a lining and two straps. 
 So all you do, is when you sew the lining and the outside of the bag together , and you insert the straps, just add a folded over rectangle of fabric into the seam as well:
 Then you dismantle the frame by pulling out the little screws at either end that hold the two sides together.
 run each of the metal tubes through the fabric rectangles, and then put the post screws back in how they were before.  There are two other little ends that you screw in to the ends of the posts so that it is all secure!
If you missed my other post about the bag made with a ribbon panel, it was here
(On this bag, the handles were sewn on later, not sewn in between the lining and the outer piece)
(Oh, and of course if you want to use try this out yourself, I tracked down a source for them and placed an order, so I hope we'll have them available at the shop in a couple of weeks, in 3 sizes!)

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  1. thank you for posting this! i have a couple of these frames in my stash and have kept putting off using them - i keep thinking 'oh well, i can figure this all out when i have the time....' do i need to say that the time never seems to come? hee hee!


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