Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Steadily stitching

I am still enjoying the quiet hand stitching hexagon project, along with a cup of tea!
This is the second of the three large hexagons I plan to make. After I had basted undress of fabrics to the paper foundations, I tried this other method where you just take little backstitches at each corner. It doesn't make so many holes in the paper, and perhaps it's easier to take out the basting threads, I'll see. You can see the two different ways of basting in the photo, the lime green is regular basting through the paper, the pink is the corner backstitches method. I've been using 30 weight thread to baste with, and a lighter thread weight to do the whipstitching pieces together.,


  1. That is just so cool, Michelle! I've been doing some hexies too, since our guild meeting!

  2. I'll say - I've got them coming out of my ears!

    This looks gorgeous, Michelle! I have tried both techniques (and should get better at the corner method one of these days) but I'm much faster going through the paper. I'm probably too impatient. :-)

  3. I WISH I was making hexies but I won't allow myself until I finish my yoyo project. I really like what you're doing with yours, Michelle.

  4. Dear Michelle,

    I can only admire your patience at piecing together all of those small hexagons! It is beautiful!! I can only imagine what it will look like all finished!!

    Hugs from sunny Savannah! Silke

  5. Heather, I'm curious about what you're doing withyoyos,
    Thanks Silke, I wish I were there in sunny Savannah, but sunny Saskatoon is quite cozy these days, and the days are getting longer again,


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