Thursday, February 14, 2013

three notes

Well, I mistakenly posted the last block early.  It seems that it comes out on this coming Saturday, not last Saturday.  Oh well. 
 I have been working on the paper hexagons, but also started a new quilt, with the Parson Gray fabrics from Westminster.  The design of it is based on a design he had up in his booth at Houston last fall to promote his new line called Seven Wonders.  It has the cross design that has been pretty popular lately..
(sorry for the blurrieness, this is from his website,here, where it was pretty small. )
I made four blocks that are 25 inches large,  I think these fabrics are beautiful, and sort of out of the typical zone for quilting fabrics.  they would be great to use for a "man's" quilt.

 at this point, I've added a border, but somehow I've lost the photo, hmm.
On another note
 I finished this quilt that has the big-stitch quilting in the border!
 I was pretty happy with how it turned out,


  1. i really like the big stitches - makes a beautiful border!

    1. thanks Molly I found doing the big stitch rows quite relaxing, I'd do it again...

  2. I have a particular fondness for the Parson Grey fabrics. And yes, they are very manly. Maybe that's why. A lot of men in my life need quilts!

    LOVE the big stitched border. So effective!


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