Monday, February 18, 2013

"Ongoing Projects"

Every so often I think about listing the projects that I have in progress.  A daunting task indeed.  Up until now I was quite afraid of what I might discover if I tried this. 
However, in the past couple of weeks, as I tided up my sewing room, I found that I was making a stack of fabrics and quilt tops, and blocks to pass on to Serendipity (our Guild's group that makes things to give away).  This made me wonder just what I did have on my shelves left to work on. 

Also, I read Carly's post about making an inventory of her fabrics.  While this was both shocking and awesome, it did inspire confidence that I could indeed inventory my ufo's (unfinished objects).
Last night I photographed what I had on my shelves, and this morning I have made a list of what there is.  Granted, I did forget to take photos of a few things, but I did list them. 

At the end of this, I find I have 30 projects on my list, which is what it is.  I don't pretend that I will finish all of these, and I'll probably pass some of them on at a later date, but it does feel good to have them listed now.  More in control of it all, somehow.  Also, I have a list of photos, mostly that I can refer to, rather than having to physically look through my shelves and baskets. ( they are on the new page, above, called Ongoing Projects) 

Also, I have a new basket of stuff to pass on to Serendipity!


  1. Brave, brave girl! It's amazing you've organized your ufo's like that. Well done.

  2. Thank you both! I feel like patting myself on the back!

  3. pat away, my dear! pat away! daunting is not a strong enough word to use when i consider my wips - especially if i add in my knitting! i have resolved (independently of your blog-post) to finish up at least SOME of my ongoing projects by the end of the month. i want to clear the decks, as it were, before the season changes....
    well done, michelle!


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