Sunday, February 24, 2013

Strenuous Day

Yesterday we went to town and got me a new laptop.  I had been thinking about this for the past several months.  My laptop was getting a bit beat up, and I wanted to get a new one before it gave out. I spent most of today transferring data, loading programs and making sure things worked.  There was a lot of data to move!  I know that you can take it in and have someone do that for you, but by doing it myself I am more aware of what's there, and what to do if something needs tweaking later. 
However, it was quite a chore.  In between waits for things to load, I managed to get some sewing done.  It wasn't as much fun as usual since my mind was more on the computer tasks.  Also, I was so wrapped up in it and determined to plough through, that I didn't get to the meeting of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild, which I was sorry about. 

I did finish my Four Crosses quilt!  It was later this evening when I finished hand-stitching the binding, so I'll have to take the photo tomorrow,   but this shows the quilting in progress:
 Because it was a bit on the bigger size for me to quilt on my home machine, I kept it simple for the quilting, just sewing vertical lines. 
This is the system I worked out a couple of days ago for taking photos. 
 I used the suggestion about the bulldog clips, and just clip the quilt to the top of the vertical  wooden pieces. It's a frame I already had, that I use for some temporary shelving.  The only space that works right now to take such photos is in our unheated sun-room.  I'll fine-tune this system when the weather warms up.
This is another little quilt that I got the binding stitched on to a day or two ago:
 It's a small Christmas quilt. 
Hope you had a good weekend! 


  1. Hope the tech stuff went smoothly for you! I know how much of a pain to can be…. The cross quilt looks great!

  2. We missed you at the meeting, but getting a new comouter is always fun (once it's all set up that is). Quilt looks great!

  3. Not too bad, but it's always a bit tense, and lots of troubleshooting getting a new one up and running,


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