Friday, June 20, 2014

A happy start to summer

Well I came back to Saskatoon yesterday, (having been in Savannah for several weeks) and I am happy to be home.  Even though it's very rainy. In fact As i drove closer to my home and was looking forward to seeing my garden, it started to rain very hard and as I was pulling into my yard it was hailing on me.
Now it is the next morning and it is still raining. However I have been out weeding the garden in therain,  which makes the weeds easy to pull out.
So here's some pictures of my yard in the rain,
Little heaps of weeds waiting to be gathered up later
The lilacs are blooming and corner of the yard smells delicious
And I have lots of anemones
It's possible that today is the spring/summer solstice....
After I finish my coffee, I think I must go into the store and just reacquaint myself with all the wonderful fabrics that have arrived while I've been away.    It goes without saying that I've missed seeing the girls at the shop too so that will be nice to visit again,

I think we must have some kind of celebrate summer sale, even though it is sort of not really summer weather. 
I'll discuss it with the girls at the shop today, and let you know what we decide to do,  in any case well start some kind of summer sale tomorrow! 

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  1. welcome back! believe me, we all wish that we could have had some sunny weather to welcome you, but at least you got some weeding done! trying to decide if i really NEED some yellow, green or flowery fabric..hee hee! 'need' can be such a flexible sort of word, can't it?


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