Monday, June 16, 2014

Red work Monogram

One of my interests is calligraphy, and another is embroidery.  I also like cushions.  What better than to combine the three in one project!
I have a soft, red, knitted rectangle that I had intended for a cushion cover.  I was using yarn left over from another project so I had only enough to make one side of a cushion.
I also had on hand some thick, tea towel cotton that has quite a pronounced weave to it that I decided to use for the other side.  
With a rather nebulous idea, I started to draw on the fabric using a blue, water soluble ink pen.  ( I love that pen, it has come in handy for so many things)
To draw a circle, I have various sizes of inexpensive embroidery hoops, 
This is what I started with,

After I had those lines embroidered,
I decided to fill in the rest by just repeating the flowers and leaves.
The stitches used are mainly 
      backstitching, to outline all the lines inside the two circles
      Chain stitch to make a heavier line for the circles
      French Knots to add accents on the flowers
I thought about stitching a pattern on the H, but I am pretty much out of this thread.
Time to sew up the cushion now! 

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