Monday, June 23, 2014

The Bucket Bag, a simple cylinder

This is the type of bag whose sides are sewn into a cylinder and then attached to a base. The base can vary in shape.
  Typical base shapes are circles, ovals, rectangles and squares, all of various sizes and proportions.
Although I had already sewn a fabric container with the square bottom,
 I sewed another one with a circular bottom.
I began by sewing front out of two fabrics and a piece of ribbon with soft in stable And a backing  of the black-and-white house fabric.  
At this point I decided to find out how much I could quilt on soft n stable because until now I haven't really done anything more than  straight lines on it. I found out that it is possible to free motion quilt on it with no problem whatsoever.
I sewed the long rectangle and covered the seam with a binding.  Covered the top edge with a ribbon binding.
In order to determine how large of a circle to use for the base, I looked up some formula by googling it.

This is what I found.
Basically, the diameter is the circumference divided by pi or 3.14
The length of my rectangle was 24 inches, so that circle should be 7.6 inches.  Plus another half inch for the seam allowance.

Again with the soft and stable, quilting straight lines, then cutting out the circle and I zigzagged the edges.
Okay you might notice that the base has changed fabric, on my first one I forgot to add the seam allowance.
Moving right along you can see that I zig zagged the three layers together for ease of handling as I attached the base.

I decided not to attach any handles.


  1. what a very useful project! it could hold just about anything....

  2. great bucket! I love that soft and stable, so easy to work with!


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