Friday, June 6, 2014

The Torpedo Factory

we stopped in Alexandria, Virginia on our trip this week.  I like a place there called the Torpedo Factory which is right by the water at the end King Street which is filled with shops and restaurants.  
Its in the really pretty part of town.
Lots of cobblestone streets,

The factory used to manufacture torpedoes, but many years ago it was converted into an Arts Center which also houses dozens of working artist studios that are open to the public and where the artists also sell their work.  lots of painters, ceramicists and jewellery makers.  
It was there that I stumbled on an artist that I really like called Kathy Beynette.  
I was talking to her when i noticed that she had some puzzles for sale that featured her artwork.  And i had purchased a couple of them last Christmas from a museum shop!
She is also a writer, and has these books for sale as well,
This painting was hanging in her space, 
This photo and the other artworks Below are from her website,
Lots of animals, 
Lots of dots


  1. isn't her artwork full of joy! makes me smile!
    thanks for sharing - cheers!

  2. Yes, I think it's really cheerful and upbeat,


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