Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Grey Wrapped Tote Bag

Just a reminder that I am using the words "wrapped bag" to refer to a particular bag construction method, in which the front, base and back of the bag are one piece to which the two sides are sewn. 
the post where I diagrammed the various basic styles of bags is found here

I started with a pile of half square triangles made of gray and white fabrics.  I had started making them for a project, but they were going to be too small, so I set them aside... Until now.  

I wasn't sure how many of them I had, so I laid them out into a rectangle, into this very cute chevron variation that I had noticed on pinterest some time ago...

I dedided that this bicycle fabric would be perfect for the inside of the bag.  It was directional, so instead of using one large rectangle,  I cut two smaller pieces and seamed them in the center.  That way, when I look into the tote later, all of the bicycles will be right side up!

Then, one of my favorite parts of the whole process
--- the quilting!

Some straight line quilting following the zig zag of the chevrons, 
You can see here that I reinforced the area which will become the base by inserting some tim-tex (or decor-bond or similar stiff stuff0 in between the layers of the batting and fabric.  there is a much simpler pattern quilted on this area.

For the two side panels, I used the bicycle fabric again, for both sides, and Annie's soft n stable for the batting   It is really easy to stitch through.
I left the fabric larger on the back pieces to use as an integrated seam binding to cover the seams later on,
Here i am sewing the sides to the wrap around main part.  i had staystitching all around the central piece, so I was able to clip in to the corner area and just pivot the piece with the needle down at the corners
This shows how the extra binding fabric looks before it's sewn down,
Because i sewed the seams with the right sides facing out, the seams are on the outside of the bag where they sort of look like piping.
Instead of using fabric handles, I sewed on a pair of leather ones,
Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.  it stands up on it's own, but isn't too bulky, It's a good size for using as a book bag,
I think that now I've tried a bag with the seams on the outside, I might next try to incorporate some pockets into  this style of bag.


  1. Great ideas here! And I love the bicycle print. Good call on the directional print., I usually miss that until it is too late! :)

  2. lovely bag! i just finished one with the scottie print from the store...a book bag only, so no quilting and such, but the next one - just wait!


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